Suits are the constants as far as men’s fashion is concerned. Different fashion trends come and go, but suits are still the best way to define men’s classic fashion. Amidst the whole range of casual wear, men’s suit has always been there as the ultimate king. However, the segment has transformed itself in various ways in a consistent fashion. In this context, provided below are the most popular trends happening in men’s suit segment in 2021.


Love for brown suits with white pant


Black has been the de-rigueur as far as men’s suit segment is concerned. However, 2021 has brought a change by driving the tide towards brown suits. Specifically, this has turned out to be a favorite among those who fall under slim fit type. To make things more enchanting, one may combine a white pant as it is trending. Being formal wear, glossy black shoes indeed provide the perfect companion to this combination.


Navy suits for big occasions


Suits anyway provide the uplifting royal appeal to the mean wearing it. Taking it a level higher, navy suits have emerged as the hottest trend for suit lovers in 2021. The interesting part is that the wearer has to go with only one shade top to bottom with this fashion idea. Yes, there is no need for a tie in it, though one may try black or the same colored tie as well. Black has to be the ideal shoe color for this fashion statement.


Pinstriped suits, specifically of large size


This is another trending suit fashion for men in 2021. Pinstriped suits are especially growing with popularity among those men who always pay greater emphasis towards comfort. This is perhaps the reason that the large-size version of these suits is more popular over the small and mid-size options. As far as color is concerned, the lighter shades are indeed the most trending ones at present. Though these suits in black are also gaining popularity, most prefer pinstriped suits of lighter shades.


Double breast for greater comfort


More number of men is inclining towards the double-breasted suits in 2021, and the prime reason behind the same is the comfort. It meets perfectly well with the contemporary youth that emphasizes fitness over anything else. The suit flaunts the perfect shape of the men. The interesting part is that this fashion idea works well as formal wear, and also for special occasions. Those who often have to attendtop-level meetings are quite obvious to fall in love with it.


Short collar and sleeves


Upon taking a peek into the contemporary men’s suit fashion, the short collar segment is undoubtedly trending high. Similarly, the short sleeve designs are also rocking the men’s fashion in the suit segment in 2021. Starting from teens, youth, to elderly, this seems to be working for all in 2021. However, the lighter shade suits of these designs certainly work better than the others.


Lighter checks on deep body-color


If you are a man who often remains formal, looking for a nice suit for a holiday outing, this fashion is certainly for you. These suits with lighter checks on deep body color look fantastic on people irrespective of their skin tone. One can combine it with both deeper and lighter pants and trousers. There is nothing much to worry about as far as the shoe style is concerned.

So, these are the most trending fashion ideas for men who love flaunting suits. Anyway, which one you think is going to be the most enduring among these? Do let us know through comments.