What is a Polyester Suit

What is a Polyester Suit

If you’ve been shopping around for a new suit, you may have been drawn to a polyester suit because it costs less than most other suit fabrics. Of course, everybody loves a bargain, but is this bargain actually worth it? It can be worth purchasing a polyester...Suit Jacket Anatomy

Suit Jacket Anatomy

Have you ever really thought about the make-up and anatomy of your suit jacket? Knowing how it’s constructed can help you determine which suit style is best for you and which ones don’t work. If you understand the design of each detail of your suit,...How to Wear a Cashmere Suit

How to Wear a Cashmere Suit

You may think that a cashmere suit is a far-fetched notion, something that only unbelievably rich people would wear for a winter outing. However, that isn’t entirely true. Not only can you find a cashmere suit that won’t break the bank, but you can even...Differences Between Button-Up & Button-Down Shirts

Differences Between Button-Up & Button-Down Shirts

You’ve likely heard the terms button-up and button-down regarding your dress shirts. However, have you ever given thought to what exactly those terms mean, or did you assume they were interchangeable? Most men believe these are two different ways of saying the...How to Fold and Pack a Dress Shirt for Travel

How to Fold and Pack a Dress Shirt for Travel

If you break out in hives when you need to fold a dress shirt for travel, I can sympathize. All you can imagine is pulling your dress shirt out of your suitcase. It looks like it’s been stuffed at the bottom of your gym bag for a month. However, it doesn’t...How to Wear a Turtleneck with a Suit

How to Wear a Turtleneck with a Suit

A suit with a turtleneck in place of a dress shirt can be an incredibly sleek look. It’s somehow very retro and modern at the same time, manifesting a trendy style. When done correctly, you will be the most suave man in the room. Of course, it requires a little...Summer Wedding Attire for Men

Summer Wedding Attire for Men

Summer wedding season is fast approaching, leaving many men panicking about their attire. Naturally, it’s tempting to complain about needing to dress up in a suit during the hot summer weather. However, perhaps wearing a suit in the summer doesn’t need to...How to Wear a Cotton Suit

How to Wear a Cotton Suit

You may think that a cotton suit is only appropriate for summer, and you’re half right. While cotton is a fantastic choice for a summer suit, it doesn’t need to be relegated to only the hottest months of the year. With the right weight, blend, and color,...Different Watch Types for Men

Different Watch Types for Men

Have you decided to bring the watch back to your wardrobe but are overwhelmed by the many types of watches? That’s understandable; there are many styles to choose from. Even though it’s a tiny piece of your outfit, people will notice your watch....How to Wear a Pinstripe Suit

How to Wear a Pinstripe Suit

No doubt you’ve seen other men wearing a pinstripe suit and noticed how fantastic they could look. If you’re wondering how you, too, can pull off the look, rest assured. Yes, pinstripe suits require a little extra effort. However, once you learn some of...