It hurts when you find clothes exciting but prefer not to buy them thinking they won’t meet your body type. However, this doesn’t really mean that there is nothing for you, as per your body type. Most people fail to find the one as they don’t understand the strategy of finding the best one as per their body type. The following abstracts are meant to provide greater help on this matter.


Know your measurement


The first thing that one needs to figure out is certainly the measurements. Take a tape, and measure your key body parts, starting from shoulder, waist, hips, etc. However, one needs to have clarity about the category of body type he/she falls into. In short, it is crucial to be clear whether you are tall, short, or slender in your body frame. Those having simply no knowledge may simply ask for the best clothes according to any of the above body types.


Those with heavier upper body


Some people have a comparatively heavier upper body. Apparently, these people have comparatively broader shoulders. The best recommendation for these people would be to go for the empire cut clothes. In general, these people prefer printed clothes more. One may combine this with a patterned jacket as well for a more formal appeal. Simply put, these people should avoid wearing tight-fit clothes as it is both uncomfortable and makes the midriff portion look enlarged.’


People with ‘hourglass’ figure


From a fashion perspective, those who have a body with perfection in proportions are certainly considered the most blessed ones. Apparently, these people have more options than the others. ‘Hourglass’ is a popular term often used for people with these body shapes. Make sure that the dresses you wear fit well with the curved portions.

Specifically, ensure that the outline of your clothes is designed perfectly aligned as per the shape and outline of your body. Don’t go for too loose fit wears as it doesn’t flaunt the curves well. Clothes with V-neck cuts are certainly the best options among all for people with such figures. Most importantly, the loose bottom should be strictly avoided for these people.


People with broader butt and hips


There are people with a comparatively broader or enlarged lower body. Technically, this body type is called the pear body type. The butt portion is apparently bigger in comparison to the others for such people. Similarly, the thigh portion also looks comparatively bigger in size. People with this body type can try both tight, and loose fit wears.

If you wear tight bottom wears, make sure that the top wear is comparatively loose fit. As the shoulder portion remains squeezed, wearing something that would cover up this portion to meet well with the bottom would be a great idea. Both V-neck and deep neck clothes look well on people with this type of body. To be specific, one needs to avoid tight tops with such body types.’


People with rectangular body pattern


There are people having a body shape that remains perfectly balanced from top to the hips. Technically, this type of body is called the rectangular body type. One must focus on the wearable flaunting the shoulder portions better than the others. Similarly, the legs are also the major portions of the body.

Though both loose and tight fit clothes look good on these people, loose fit clothes are certainly the most preferred ones. These people are the most blessed ones as far as the sleeveless clothes are concerned. Blazers also look fantastic on people with this body shape. Both rectangular and V-neck clothes look cool on people with this body shape.

So, that’s the guide for you; figure out your body type and pick the best cloth accordingly.